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제 조카가 보낸 email 입니다.

Dear Mark Mehta, General Sales Manager,

Dear Emphraim Barcelo, General Manager,
Dear Culver City Toyota Leadership Team,

On 10/4, I test drove the following car with Mr. Tony Murphy, a salesman at Culver City Toyota:

VIN: JTHBL46F475017060

During my test drive, Mr. Murphy and I discovered two issues:


Tony informed me that (paraphrased) "It won't be a problem. We would normally fix this today but our mechanic isn't working. Today, we'll do the paperwork and fix those two issues later because we don't have an on-site mechanic working today. These repairs will be reflected in the cost. You will pay nothing extra. No additional paperwork is needed." 

I confirmed with Tony on three (3) separate occasions if these repairs would be included in the price and Tony repeatedly and emphatically assured me that, and I quote Tony Murphy, "YOU WILL PAY NOTHING EXTRA FOR THESE 2 REPAIRS."

I, then, began to feel uncomfortable with Mr. Murphy's quick speech and requested a translator. Mr. Murphy seemed to not understand me and proceeded to assure me that "NO ADDITIONAL PAPERWORK IS NEEDED BECAUSE THESE TYPES OF REPAIRS HAPPEN WITH OUR MECHANIC. NORMALLY HE WOULD JUST DO IT RIGHT NOW BUT SINCE HE'S NOT HERE WE'LL DO IT ON 10/8." While English is my second language, I remember these "talking points" clearly as Tony repeated them to me on, suspiciously, multiple occasions.

Based on the assurance that Tony gave me that these two problems would be fixed and no paperwork was required based on the nature of the repair, I completed my purchase and the sale was reported to MR. RAY ZOILA, Tony's manager. It has become clear to me that Mr. Murphy and Mr. Zoila maliciously deceived me, purposely falsified information, and racially discriminated against me by taking advantage of my English skills.

Per Tony's instruction, I dropped off my car on 10/8 for the two (2) agreed upon repairs detailed above. When I returned on 10/10 to pick up my car, Tony informed that they needed to order parts and so he returned my car to me until those parts arrived, when Tony said he would call me promptly.

On 10/23, I received a call from Tony that I need to meet with Mr. Zoila. He informed me that the costs were too high for the two repairs detailed above and requested $2,000 USD + Labor for the repairs. This is contrary to the agreement I had with Mr. Zoila and Mr. Murphy as detailed above.

The agreement that I had with Mr. Zoila and Mr. Murphy to fix the two issues detailed above upon my purchase of the vehicle HAS BEEN BREACHED. I believe that Mr. Zoila and Mr. Murphy have been taking advantage of me and are complicit in duplicitious business practices. If this situation is not satisfactorily resolved by 11/1 I will take legal action as needed.


There are three (3) solutions, as I see it. Please let me know which course of action you would like to take:

Option 1: The vehicle is returned as is (the car is in the same condition I purchased it), my trade in is returned to me as is, and I am fully reimbursed for my payment, including all taxes and fees.

Option 2: The two repairs are completed, fully, as agreed upon.

Option 3: I take full legal action to recoup all financial losses, including all emotional damage and humiliation inflicted from this experience, legal fees, and time loss for my personal business in dealing with this ordeal.


From here on, I prefer to communicate solely by email. If I do not hear from you by 11/01/2013, Friday, I will take legal action immediately and ensure that all reporting agencies and the public are aware of Culver City Toyota's unsavory business practices.

manager에게 받은 email

Ramon Zoila 

10월 28일 (4일전)



I am aware of this situation and will try to rectify it.  However, I promised nothing to this customer when he addressed this matter with me last week, nor did I see a due bill with anything promised by our dealership.


This man does not speak English well, if at all,  and I cannot speak to what Tony promised, nor what may have been understood by a person who does not speak English.  In cases like this, the written contract is the basis for the agreement.


As far as I am aware, we executed this sale in English and we followed the letter of the law.  If we would have made the deal in Chinese, we would have to provide an unexecuted Chinese language contract.  Tony does not speak Chinese.


I will keep Ephraim in the loop

다시 보낸 email

Dear _______,

I am appalled, frustrated, and humiliated that you continue your racially insensitive, mocking, and sarcastic posture to my situation.

I am, in fact, of South Korean descent and an equally uncomfortable with the Chinese language. I repeated multiple times that I am of Korean descent in person and yet you publicly mock me, in front of your colleagues, and call me Chinese.

Further, if in fact you believed that I "did not understand English", how did you and your team relay details of the contract to me adequately and sufficiently? Does Culver City Toyota bear ZERO responsibility to ensure that a legal agreement is mutually understood - or, did you, as I fully believe, take advantage of me by lying to me about the details of the business agreement?

And finally, I do not appreciate being spoken of as if I am not listening. Please address me directly and if you have any email communication with your fellow colleagues please do so privately, as being witness to your mockery, insensitivity, and continued negligence is unappreciated and causing undue emotional hardship.

I wish to hear directly from Ephraim, the General Manager, as I assume the senior manager would be able to respond to me with more tact, responsibility, and care. I know that his email address was incorrect, so please forward this email to him. I will be waiting to hear from Ephraim.

My stance has not changed and, in fact, has only been emboldened. If Option 1 or Option 2 are not completed by Friday, as detailed in my previous email, I will file a lawsuit to recoup all financial and emotional losses. After Friday, I will cease all direct communication and defer all comments to my legal counsel. There will be no extension. There will be ongoing conversation. There will be no waiting on my part. You have your options and you have your deadline. If the full transaction is not returned (with my trade-in returned to me), or the two repairs are not completed, I will immediately pursue option 3, starting on Saturday.

I am so infuriated right now. I cannot believe that this is the type of service, lack of respect, deceitful sales practices and racism is still prevalent in this day and age. Let me assure you, I will not rest until this situation is "rectified" fairly

본인은 manager Zoila 와 culver city toyota에
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